Smart Meter

AcronymSmart Meter
StatusIn Progress
Start Date Jan 01 2018
End Date Dec 31 2018

The “Services Industiels de Genève” (SIG) is equipping households with smart Meter that can be read remotely. Data are transmitted over the Power Line Communication (PLC) network. Signal loss and attenuation problems occur when the distances between smart meters and transformers are large. The goal of the project is to find the ideal location for the transformers in order to minimise signal losses and attenuations and compare different types of smart meters.

SIG is a utility company who is providing basic services to the citizens (500’000) and enterprises of the State of Geneva. Those services are electricity, gaz, water, water treatment, waste treatment, distance heating, fiber optic, public lighting . SIG is very active to promote the reduction of the use of the energy. With 1600 employees and a turnover of 1.2 billion, SIG is the biggest utility of Switzerland.