API hepiaCloud Interface

OpenStack SDK

For further details regarding OpenStack SDK, click here.

On an Ubuntu 14.04 machine, type: pip install openstacksdk

OpenStackClient: A command-line client for OpenStack

hepiaCloud VMs can be created by using the command-line client for OpenStack: OpenStackClient. To use this command-line client, you have to install OpenStackClient and set up some configuration variables which are provided by the OpenStack portal on your account:

  1. Access your OpenStack account
  2. Click on the Access & Security menu
  3. Click on the API access menu
  4. Download the OpenStack RC file (OpenStack-rc-file)
  5. Copy this file to the machine on which you will install openstack API

To install OpenStackClient on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Linux machine, execute these commands:

  1. sudo apt-get update
  2. sudo apt install python-pip python-dev
  3. sudo pip install –upgrade pip
  4. sudo pip install python-openstackclient==3.12.0 python-swiftclient==3.4.0 python-neutronclient==6.5.0
  5. source OpenStack-rc-file

You can now execute openstack commands. openstack commands can be listed by typing “openstack help”.

Type “openstack command-name –help” for help on a specific command-name.

Note: Please, do not install OpenStackClient by using the command specified in the documentation: pip install python-openstackclient. This command will install the last version of OpenStackClient, which may no longer be compatible with the OpenStack release.