Developers guide


Platform developer guide

SVN repository

The SVN repository is at svn:// A daily snapshot of the SVN trunk is available here, the results of its automatic build here and a history of builds here. Moreover, a list of changes (svn log -v) is available here and a list of critiques of the latest build here. Please contact our mailing list if you need SVN access.

API documentation

The client and High-Level API’s are probably what you are looking for.

  • The Client API can be downloaded here
  • Documentation of the Client API is available here
  • Coordinator (beans): here
  • Worker: here
  • Warehouse: here
  • And a bonus: OpenStack client API: here and docs

Demo applications

  • Broadcast: here
  • Ray tracing (POV-Ray): here

You will find a description of all the components + build, deploy and test examples in the README file.


For debugging, how can I make my job run in some specific worker?

Use extrafields=”host;workername”. See AddJob method for more details.

Can I run my client over HTTPS, for increased security?

Yes, you’ll find an example of that in clients/democlient-java’s README. However, please bear in mind that the communication between the warehouse and the client is not crypted, even if the communication between the coordinator and client is.

Application developer guide

To build an application, you need an access to the platform (coordinator) and at least 1 worker and 1 warehouse need to be connected to the coordinator. Please note that you need to register an account with the GUI coordinator. You’ll get a clientID, a token that will be used in client-server communication. Please note, too, that your account needs to be validated by an administrator. Only after that you can log in and use your applications.

XWCH users can use a module (pre-defined executables) if an administrator has allowed then an access to it.A normal user cannot create a module, you need admin rights for that.

The simplest way to create an application is to call a module. XWCH provides an API and a job description language for that.