Download & Install


Downloading, installing and using XWCH

Worker installation

A worker installation program for all operating systems is available here

Please note that you’ll need Java to run the installer (and the worker). On most systems (Windows, Linux desktop, OSX) you just need to click on the installer, and a guided installation will start. If your computer does not show graphics, you can run the installer by “java -jar XWCH-Installer.jar”. By default, the worker starts reporting to our coordinator. You can change this in the installation program.

The installer can configure the worker to run all the time when the computer is on, even when no user is logged.

If your did not use the installer program to install your worker, with Linux, automated tasks can be started by adding the startup command in /etc/rc.local, for instance like this:

cd /home/youruserid 
su -c "sh &" youruserid

Coordinator installation

The coordinator is an “EAR” web application that can be deployed under a web server like GlassFish3.

The simplest way is to use our “all in one” package for linux. Download it from here.

This package contains :

  • glassfish v3.1.1
  • the glassfish mysql connector: here (optional)
  • the ear coordinator: here
  • an installation script (and a README with some additionnal informations)

Extract the package where you want to install Glassfish, fix the parameters as you want in the begining of the script and run it. If you want to use a MySql database, please make sure to have MySql up and running before running the script.

The script will :

  • Create a MySql database (unless using Derby)
  • Run Glassfish installation
  • Copy the glassfish mysql connector in the right directory
  • Create a database connection called “xwchtestlocal”, connecting to this database
  • Deploy the EAR file

When the coordinator is installed, point your browser to http://yourhost:yourport/XWCHWeb (default port : 8080) and fill the simple form shown below. Xwch-coordinator

Warehouse installation

Warehouse package is available here

To run the warehouse, unzip the file and enter the following command:

java -Xrs -classpath . -jar javanode.jar

By editing the file in the warehouse’s directory you can configure which coordinator the warehouse reports to and where files are stored. Here is an example:


Downloading the source code

If you are a programmer, you can find resources from Techical Documentation and Developer’s Guide