What is smarthepia ?

Smarthepia is an IoT platform used to monitor temperature, humidity, brightness, physical presence and energy consumption. The platform is used to control blinds, radiator valves and lights. The platform is used for academic and educational purposes. The project has been designed and implemented as a joint initiative between hepia and Mandat International.

Where is the infrastructure located ?

It is located in the main building of hepia at 4th floor and 5th floor. Some rooms are fully equipped (sensors and actuators) while some others are only equipped with sensors.

System components

  • Hardware
    • Multiple Raspberry Pi equipped with Z-Wave USB dongle controllers (Aeotec USB controller) – Micro computers used to communicate with the sensors/actuators via the dongle
    • Z-Wave Multisensors (Aeotec Multisensors) – Sensors able to deliver several informations to their controller: temperature, humidity, light and motion.
    • ZWave Switches for Lights (Fibaro Relay Switch) – Switch used to turn the lights ON/OFF.
    • Servo-motor for radiators (theben CHEOPS drive KNX) and blinds (Somfy MOCO KNX ANIMEO) – Devices used to control the radiators (regulate temperature) and blinds (up/down).
    • Modbus Energy meters (SBC) – Devices used to monitor the energy usage in different locations to conduct experiments.
  • Software
    • A generic IoT platform.
    • A REST API to retrieve data from the sensors/database and control the actuators.


5th & 4th floor interactive map :