Status In Progress
Funding SERI
Start Date Jan 01 2024
End Date Dec 31 2024

Data Continuum is a research project targeting data management in the canton of Geneva, and involves the support of THREE offices: Office Cantonal des Bâtiments (OCBA), Office du Urbanisme (OU) and the Office Cantonal de l’Environment (OCEV) through the Service de l’air, du bruit et des rayonnement non ionisants (SABRA).

The acceleration of innovation and digitalisation is leading to an increase in the volume of information within the IT infrastructures of the State of Geneva and its partners. Data sources are multiplying, and their formats are constantly evolving. The ability to collect, analyse and exploit this data is now a challenge that, if properly met, can be transformed into a major advantage.

It is vital to be able to access centralised sets of data that can be cross-referenced, exploited and give greater meaning to the government’s strategic decisions. In this context, it is recommended that the applications managed and used in the various departments (both internal and external to the state) communicate with each other, that the data from the various sources is harmonised and connected, and that information governance policies are put in place.

The goal of Data Continuum is:

  • the creation of a transversal digital platform that allows the treatment and exchange of information at the level of the canton
  • a decentralised communication system based on several existing partner information systems (multi-player), designed and developed taking into account the technical differences and specificities of each.