Integrated Decision-Support Platform for Software Staging in DevOps

Status In Progress
Funding Innosuisse
Start Date May 01 2024
End Date Apr 30 2026


AI-SQUARE, an innosuisse project, aims to revolutionize software staging processes through the development of an intelligent decision-support platform. This project is designed to address the increasing demands for rapid software releases, which require constant updates to enhance features, reliability, and security. Traditional methods of software quality assurance involve human decision-making, which is often error-prone due to the need for timely assessment of software quality data, extensive domain knowledge, and experience in software staging.

To overcome these challenges, AI-SQUARE leverages cutting-edge technologies including Knowledge Graphs, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Knowledge Graphs are used to organize and represent diverse structured software quality data. NLP techniques are applied to make sense of non-structured project data, while AI, specifically semi-supervised Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback, automates decision-making processes. AI-SQUARE aims to communicate crucial staging information to human operators, either upon request or through automated alerts. It delivers concise summaries, global scores, and detailed context-based explanations, facilitating better understanding and faster decision-making.

The ultimate goal of AI-SQUARE is to reduce the resources and time required for software staging by 30 to 50%, significantly alleviating the burden on DevOps teams. The project is set to be hosted in Switzerland, ensuring compliance with local data secrecy laws and regulations. This strategic alignment not only enhances the efficiency of software development cycles but also ensures a higher standard of software quality and reliability.