Smart and Widely-distributed Appliances for Renewable energy Management

Acronym SWARM
Status In Progress
Funding Eurostar (EU)
Start Date Oct 01 2021
End Date Sep 30 2024
Budget 1.8 M€


The “Smart and Widely-distributed Appliances for Renewable energy Management” (SWARM) project is a European Eurostar project.  SWARM aims to provide new services such that users become active participants, thus becoming direct beneficiaries of a liberalized energy market. We achieve this goal by creating and demonstrating the Smart Energy Management Appliance (SEMA), an innovative connected energy product, which offers supply/usage prediction, flexibility and energy transaction negotiation while upholding grid stability. A marketplace platform will support the technical/financial interactions among involved stakeholders.

From an end-user perspective, the SWARM platform must enable them to play an active role in the growing liberalised energy market: negotiate rates, energy transactions & flexibility.

The SWARM platform is composed of a:

  1. digital infrastructure with three layers: home appliances (heat pumps, boilers, EV charging stations, etc.), SEMAs (edge devices), cloud infrastructure.
  2. self-adaptive forecast application, deployed on the digital infrastructure, which ensures the self-adaptive management of microgrids while taking into consideration dynamic needs of users.
  3. negotiation tool, deployed on the digital infrastructure, that allows end-users to negotiate flexibility and power transactions with electric power companies.

The digital infrastructure will rely on the edge-to-cloud solution provided by SixSq.

The SWARM consortium brings together 5 Swedish and Swiss partners, a complementary mix of SME, academic, and electric power companies.